Your Care

We care, above all else

There are many reasons why people choose to move into a residential home. Whatever the reason all of our residents can expect one thing, above all else, and that is that we will "care". 


To our close knit team, you aren't living in our work place, we're working in your home.

Person Led Care

Our focus on person led care is about giving you power over your own care so that your wishes, interests and needs are primary. There are many things we have to take into consideration when you come to live with us. Obvious things such as your medical history and any dietary requirements. But we go so much further - all of our team go to great lengths to learn about you; to understand your emotional, physical, spiritual and cultural needs and to help you to help us provide the life you want.

Our Ten Core Values

When delivering your care we focus on ten core values:

  • Privacy 

  • Dignity 

  • Independence

  • Choice

  • Security

  • Diversity

  • Co-ordination

  • Civil rights

  • Fulfilment

  • Candour

Our Three Aims

In order to deliver on our core values we follow three simple aims:

  • Safety

    • Keep ​our residents and team safe  

    • Commit to the highest standards in safeguarding, infection control and health and safety.

    • Always honour our duty of candour

  • People​

    • Prioritise​ the "person" in any and all decisions about their care

    • Be the best place to work; committed to a highly trained and happy team

    • Respect difference & celebrate diversity

  • Quality​

    • Be accountable and learn from our mistakes

    • Work in partnership and co-ordination with others

    • Operate a sustainable business​

Our Mission

By adopting our core values and delivering on our three aims we are striving to achieve our mission: To deliver outstanding care, by a proud, professional and happy team. To be a home from home to our residents, recommended by family and friends.